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Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began, humor has been an essential part of coping with our new reality. Social distancing, flattening the curve, and the clueless comments from various politicians have all been fodder for parody songs, TikToks, and memes. Here at Pandemic Pal, our focus is on health and safety supplies — but taking care of our mental health during this unprecedented time is just as important. In that spirit, we hope you’ll enjoy this selection of funny coronavirus t-shirts, novelty cloth masks, and other COVID-19 pandemic humor gifts.

Unlike most of our other pages, this page is manually updated to help prevent conspiracy theories and other harmful materials from appearing on the site. With that said, some merchandise here may feature adult language and themes.

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Coronavirus Humor Gifts In Stock

Funny Coronavirus T-Shirts

What to wear to your next Zoom meeting while stuck in quarantine.

Funny Coronavirus Mugs

Sip your coffee at your desk at home while enjoying some pandemic humor.

Funny Coronavirus Masks

If you must leave the house, do it in style. Everyone staying six feet away from you will be smiling under their masks when they see you rocking one of these. From Darth Vader to Joe Exotic’s meth-stache, RageOn has hundreds of hilarious face masks to choose from!
Darth Vader face mask, funny coronavirus mask.

Looking for more silly masks?

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